About Us

Founded by Emirati entrepreneur Ibrahim Al Mallouhi, The Espresso Lab is a Dubai born artisan company to the core. Like true craftspeople, everything is done by hand. From the baking of the bread in our café to the way we bag our coffee beans, we ensure the utmost quality in every moment.

Our passion goes into every cup of coffee we serve. We’re to the coffee world what artisan shoemakers are to the fashion world!

As part of our strategy, we introduce new initiatives and activities to be delivered by the latest technology in the speciality coffee industry, which will be based on innovation, adaption and rapid evolution that makes speciality coffee stand out from the commercial coffee.

Besides the regular menu, the Espresso Lab will be offering seasonal speciality coffee at certain times to entice the individual tastes and inclinations of our clients, which will no doubt make them more inquisitive and justify their demand for an extraordinary experience with our coffee.

At The Espresso Lab, we strive to inspire coffee enthusiasts and the general public with our speciality coffee and engage everyone to be part of a memorable experience with friends and family over a cup of coffee.

Our Vision

Defining Success
  • The Espresso Lab becomes a teaching academy and baristas who graduate with a certificate are highly sought after
  • Even the competition would seek those certified by us
  • This academy hosts the annual coffee award (Full featured testing experience, knowledge and creativity)
  • An employer of choice for all baristas
  • Highly sought after by Retail & Hospitality operators
  • Has outlets that cover multiple locations, emirates and cities around the region
  • And it’s star barista (Ibrahim) is a guest of choice on daytime, news and media outlets, for his expertise and entrepreneurial spirit (Inspiration for other Emiratis)
  • Roast our own coffee
  • Sell our own brand of filtered coffee (for home consumption)
  • Own our own coffee plantation
  • We become a touristic destination for quintessentially UAE Famous brands to visit


The Espresso Lab Personality
  • We are sociable & friendly
  • We are generous in substance, time and spirit
  • We are unpredictable
  • We are Honest & Natural
  • We are lighthearted & high spirited
  • We are creative
  • We are committed
  • We are discoverers

TEL Facts

Our Belief
  • We believe that coffee is sacred
  • We believe that mis-preparing coffee is sacrilegious
  • We believe that coffee is a journey and not a destination
  • We believe that Arabs, the originators of coffee are still the best at preparing it and serving it given their appreciation of its social influence, features, benefits and life value
  • We believe we are the messengers entrusted with the responsibility to spread excellent coffee to the community
  • We believe that we have a duty to convey properly the labor of love that the specialty coffee farmers endure, through our meticulous preparation and presentation
  • We believe that one should always make time for coffee
  • We believe that the secrets of coffee should be entrusted to all and not be hidden
  • We are first and foremost Cafeliers:
    • We love coffee, we understand coffee and we write coffee poetry to our loved ones. We don’t employ baristas. Baristas are bartenders that serve from behind a bar , mixologists for the hipsters. We employee coffee chefs, experts in sourcing, roasting and serving the best specialty single origin coffee in the land.
  • We source our coffee exclusively from Microlot farms who have been or are classified as Cup of Excellence
  • We are the only Coffee Specialty House that have visited and verified our sources personally
  • We are the only coffee specialty house that have access to highly sought after beans NOT available to anyone else (90 Plus) by invitation.
  • We are the only coffee specialty house that is a member of Specialty Coffee association of America, Specialty Coffee association of Europe, The Roaster’s Guild, and member of Cup of Excellence,
  • Ibrahim, the founder of The Espresso Lab, is the only Emarati who has been certified by the American Barista & Coffee School, Barista Guild of America, SCAA and SCAE

Our Brand

Brand Behavior

We are people and we believe that through this we can spread our love and knowledge of coffee. We do not put limitations on how much we share with others, whether our love for the bean or our portions. We like to surprise people with our creations and keep them on their toes. While we take our passion seriously, we like to keep our conversations light and humorous. We are happy doing what we do and that happiness is visible in everything we do. We believe in experimentation and creating new ways to enjoy a good brew. After all, our journey of discovery and experimentation is what got us here


We endeavor to deliver the best experience possible for coffee lovers. This means that we go out of our way to identify, sample, validate and reserve the right allocation of bean varieties from Microlots and ensure proper shipping and storage. We strive to roast our beans using the skills of our own master roasters that bring out the best results from every variety. When we grind, we do so with the final customer order in mind, whether it’s an espresso, drip or cold brew. We recognize that we need to do justice to the labor of love of farmers who invest their precious time and livelihood to grow the best bean possible and hence we believe that our mission is to uphold the value of their precious crop by preserving it the best way we know how. Our way.

Brand Positioning
  • In Great Coffee Making, We Endeavour
  • The Labor of Coffee Love, From Cherry to Cup
  • Excellence in Every Cup
  • We spread coffee excellence, one cup at a time

Coffee Sourcing