La Esmeralda Geisha – 2015 Auction

The Espresso Lab is introducing one of the most premium variety of Geisha coffee particularly from Boquete farms and the most highly priced coffees in the world . We are unveiling the selected variety which is La Esmeralda Special Geisha. It is the unique variety that won the award of the highest quality coffee in 2015 auction.

Therefore, the Founder of The Espresso Lab put his efforts to raise a star in the specialty coffee world by hosting such prestigious variety of Geisha in the UAE to delicately roast and brew it for the coffee enthusiasts.

Due to the limited coffee production of the La Esmeralda , we will be brewing it in limited quantities by Chemex and V60 methods.

The recognized tactile impression is light body, subtle citrus acidity and vast range of flavours represented in banana, olive oil, strawberry and rose.

The count down of serving the premium and exclusive La Esmeralda coffee has been started as we are expecting the serving date at The Espresso Lab on 27th October 2015.