The Espresso Lab Wins UAE National Brewers Cup Championship


"Coffee for today, tomorrow, and future generations." Those were the words of our esteemed founder, Ibrahim Al Mallouhi, at the UAE National Brewers Cup Championship held on 25th February 2021.

Ibrahim Al Mallouhi and champion barista Mariam Erin Pinza brought home 2 awards in 3rd and 1st place respectively, marking a significant milestone achievement for The Espresso Lab specialty coffee house and roastery.

Ibrahim and Mariam’s 10-minute performance was executed flawlessly according to senior judges. For her winning brew, Mariam chose Panama Geisha Lot #2750 from the exclusive Founders' Selection by Ninety Plus Coffee, while Ibrahim went with #2703A, a hyper-limited batch representing just 0.001% of total world production. The fresh beans were precision roasted briefly for exactly 9 minutes 40 seconds with a development ratio of 12% using Roest, and hand-ground at the stage to produce fresh volatiles and fine-sized particles for even distribution. They both opted for V60 method with a custom-developed paper filter, an innovation in and of itself that allows 40% increased flow ratio.

The combination roasting and filter formula produced outstanding aroma profiles that included fine champagne, white wine, peach, sake, pineapple, white grapes, sidr honey, tropical fruits, fizzy tartaric sensations, and medium to full syrupy body finishes.

The Espresso Lab takes great pride in its technique, quality of coffee, and team training. The team went through extensive training before the competition through an appointed coach, they mastered and perfected their routines daily to achieve the excellence they portrayed at the championship that ultimately won them the award.