Finca Cheli - Honduras

Finca Cheli - Honduras

Espresso Roast 8 oz. | 226g
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Whole Beans - Precision Roasted Speciality Coffee.

Tasting Notes

Blueberry, Caramel, Almond, Apple and Floral.

Roast Level

Coffee Roast Level


Coffee Roast Level


Elevation: 1,500 m
Variety: Paraneima
Process Type: Natural
Producer: Nelson Ramirez

About this Specialty Coffee


Nelson Ramirez is an educated man with experience in planning, structuring and accounting from the outset he approached his new farm strategicaly. When we first met seven years ago he had just begun work on Finca Cheli, named after his mother and he showed me the map created with soil analyses from each plot. At that time the farm was producing 50-60 bags, now is producing ten time that volume which almost 2 containers.