Dona Gena - Best Of Panama

Dona Gena - Best Of Panama

Filter Roast 1.4 oz. | 40g
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Tasting Notes

Orange Blossom, Chrysanthemum, Peach, Bergamot & Vanilla.

Roast Level

Coffee Roast Level


Coffee Roast Level


Elevation: 1,800 m
Variety: Geisha
Process: Washed
Producer: Santa Maria Estate

About this Specialty Coffee

Santamaría Estate Coffee is a specialty coffee brand that has a rich history of coffee farming dating back to 1950. The founder, Don Urbano Santamaría, began planting tall Arabica varieties such as Criollo, Bourbon, and Mundo Novo on the farm with a planting density of 1800 seedlings per hectare. After several generations of coffee farmers dedicated to their work, the current management, led by Ing. Edwin Santamaría, has brought new energy and improvements to the farm, resulting in increased productivity and improved coffee quality.

This coffee is grown at high altitudes, between 1,564 and 1,946 meters above sea level, which contributes to its excellent quality and grading as specialty coffee SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) on the international market. The coffee has a unique cup profile with chocolate notes, medium to high acidity, and a pleasant aftertaste, which has been recognized by local and international coffee specialists. The farm is also committed to environmentally friendly practices, including the use of organic agricultural products and preservation of certain areas as forest reserves with sources of potable water. These practices not only help to sustain the environment but also provide benefits to the local communities.