Honduras La Laguna Lot  - 24 Washed Process

Honduras La Laguna Lot - 24 Washed Process

Filter Roast 8 oz. | 226g
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Whole Beans - Precision Roasted Speciality Coffee.

Tasting Notes

Blackcurrant, Vanilla, Pear, and Green Apple.

Roast Level

Coffee Roast Level


Coffee Roast Level


Elevation: 1,500 m
Variety: Catimor
Process Type: Wet Process
Producer: Carlos Alberto Meija

About this Specialty Coffee

This blend comes from the hard labour done entirely by a single dedicated family. Located in the village of La Laguna in Honduras, this coffee comes from a small farm with the same name. La Laguna farm was inherited by Carlos Meija in 1995, where he started producing farm in a tiny single hectare lot. Although he expanded it by another hectare, this small farm is still completely owned and worked at by him and his family alone, as Carlos owns all the machines and tools needed to harvest exceptional coffee all in his small plot of land.

The Catimor variety was selectively bred in Colombia in the 1990s and released in 2006 by the Coffee Research Unit of the Tea Research Foundation. It quickly became known for its high durability, resistance to disease and leaf rust and high yield. It was initially introduced to Malawi and Kenya to help small farmers produce more coffee without being worried about durability. Due to this, many argue that the taste of this variety is inferior, however, just like any variety of coffee, with good care comes good coffee. This variety has grown in popularity even with its controversy and has become the underdog of the coffee world.