RASHA - Panama

RASHA - Panama

Filter Roast 1.4 oz. | 40g
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Tasting Notes

Jasmine, Pineapple, Lychee & Hints of Ginger.

Roast Level

Coffee Roast Level


Coffee Roast Level


Elevation: 1,800 m
Variety: Geisha
Process: Natural
Producer: Lamastus-Elida Estates

About this Specialty Coffee

For over a century, the Lamastus family has been producing some of the world's finest coffee on their estate farms in Boquete, Panama. The story began with Robert Lamastus, a Kentucky native who established an Arabica coffee plantation on the skirts of the Baru Volcano in 1918. Today, three generations later, the Lamastus family continues to uphold the tradition of producing, processing, exporting, and now roasting their own rare estate coffees.

The Lamastus Family Estates consist of three farms: El Burro Estate, Luito Geisha Estates, and Elida Estate. These farms are situated at some of the highest elevations in Panama, on steep hills in the skirts of the Baru Volcano. Elida Estate, in particular, boasts a unique world-ecological condition that sets it apart from other coffee farms. Its shade-grown, bird-friendly, and high-elevation environment, surrounded by the Volcan Baru National Park, creates a microclimate with very low temperatures that produces exceptionally dense and uniform coffee beans.

At the Lamastus Family Estates, the coffee trees are planted in rich, deep, young volcanic soils and kept in optimal conditions to develop the best quality coffee. The cherries are hand-picked at full maturity by native Ngobe-Bugle Indians, who maintain the environment to its most pristine and natural condition. The coffee is then processed with utmost care in three different methods: Natural, Washed, and Honey. After processing, the coffee is carefully selected, rested for 60 to 100 days, and then exported directly by the Lamastus family.

Beyond the exceptional quality of the coffee, the Lamastus Family Estates are also committed to preserving the environment. The area that goes up to 6,000 ft is planted with coffee, while the other part is an ecological reserve area within the Volcan Baru National Park. This reserve area is home to many beautiful plant, animal, and bird species, including the Quetzal. The Lamastus family takes great pride in maintaining the delicate balance between producing exceptional coffee and preserving the natural beauty of the land.

The high altitude at which the coffee is grown produces beans that are mild with a medium body, good aroma, and high acidity. These estate coffees are highly sought after and considered among the best in the world. For four generations, the Lamastus family has dedicated themselves to producing exceptional coffee, and their commitment to quality and the environment is evident in every cup.