COURSE - Journey of Brewing

COURSE - Journey of Brewing

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The Journey of Brewing Course is everything you need to feel confident working as a barista in a specialty coffee shop or as a excellence home brewer. You will participate in supervised hands-on brewing experiments and tasting exercises using today's most popular coffee brewing equipment to learn how to separate and manage specific factors that influence coffee flavour. The brewing technique taught in this coffee course are crucial for consistently producing excellent-tasting coffee, as well troubleshooting off-tasting.

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Furthermore, you'll also go through how to fine tune a grinder, which is essential for regulating your coffee brewing. We will not provide our special recipe because there inso perfect recipe that can be applied to all coffees; instead, we will evaluate and discuss every brewing logic to design your own perfect recipe for each coffee.

  • What we'll cover

    Deep dive into specialty coffee covering brewing methods, brewing tools, Calibration Filter Brewing, Connecting your water with the coffee and Evaluating the results. The course is hands-on guided by our master brewer and graders and will take you through special tasting and experimental sessions.

  • Duration

    3 Hours 30 minutes, 2 Days


  • Guided tour and introductions.
  • Mastering The Brewing — full cycle from processing to final cup.
  • Specialty coffee insights and selection.
  • Extraction and Water understanding.
  • Brewing and Experimenting sessions.
  • Tasting, Evaluating and Make you ready to make your own recipe.


The Espresso Lab - Roastery, Al Quoz.