Hario Cupping Bowl Tetsu Kasuya Model

Hario Cupping Bowl Tetsu Kasuya Model

By The Espresso Lab
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This sleek black cupping bowl is made by Arita Porcelain which is one of the most prominent pottery brands, and by keeping the visual information on the liquid such as color and clarity as minimal as possible, you can achieve a truly distraction-free focus on the aroma and mouthfeel.

Modeled by World Barista Championship Winner, Tetsu Kasuya.

Hario created this custom cupping bowl in close collaboration with Mr. Tetsu Kasuya, the winner of 2016 World Barista Championship who is also famous for his "4-6 method." This "Kasuya Model" is designed to level-up your cupping game and make it even more sophisticated.

Hario Cupping Bowl Tetsu Kasuya Model photographed at The Espresso Lab Roastery


  • Beautiful black Arita Porcelain ceramic.

  • Customized model created in collaboration with WBC winner.


  • Material: Ceramic

  • Size: W 93 × D 93 × H 65mm

  • Capacity: 260ml

  • Dishwasher safe.

  • Not suitable for use in microwave.

*Cupping spoon IS NOT INCLUDED.