TIMEMORE Chestnut X Grinder - Safari Green

TIMEMORE Chestnut X Grinder - Safari Green

By The Espresso Lab
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Winner of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2020, Japan. Inherit the design concept of Chestnut X grinder series, with foldable handle recommended by coffee masters. Features high-precision unibody metal design, every detail has been calculated with extreme accuracy. Worlds first S2C (spike-to-cut) patent has led to the realization of "Spike first, cut later". The patented original secondary adjustment redefines high-end coffee grinding.

A Revolutionary High-end Coffee Grinder

Not just any grinder. It's the finest high end grinder we've ever seen to enter the market. So darn adjustable that you'll be able to get extremely precise grinding with less fines and more flavor. It's going to squeeze the best from your beans. This is the bees knees of grinders, the finest of the fine.

The most important part of a grinder and the part that affect the end product the most, are the burrs. The workhorse within the grinder that makes the difference to the end result; the smoothest cup of coffee of your life.

Photo of Kinu M47 Simplicity


  • Patented S2C burrs (spike-to-cut).
  • Burrs made of high carbon stainless steel (SUS440) for wear and rust resistance.
  • Suitable for espresso, pour over and French press.
  • Adjustments: 24 clicks and each position can be adjusted by a secondary 5 clicks, 24 x 5 gives 120 clicks for high precision adjusting.
  • Dual bearings to ensure the shaft spins smoothly and is stable.
  • Foldable handle - why take extra space or take off your grinder handle if you can easily just flick it down or up? Easy and satisfying to do!
  • Body of the grinder is made from a single piece of aluminium alloy - no plastic parts.
  • Slightly square for hand held comfort and good grip.


  • Burrs: 42mm S2C.
  • Capacity: 30 - 35g beans.
  • Weight (unpacked): 765g.
  • Dimensions: 16cm x 5.5cm.
  • Square prism and ergonomic design for Easy Hand grip.
  • Dual-ball bearing to fix the central axis perfect.
  • Adjust coarseness Point by point.
  • Manufactured in High precision and integral CNC.
  • Long lasting Stainless Steel.
  • Cut from a single piece of aluminum.