Fruit Forward

Fruit Forward

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  • Ethiopia Sakicha 8oz — Sakicha Smallholders, Ethiopia
  • El Vergel Signature 8oz — Forest Coffee, Colmbia

Fruit Forward Specialty Subscription

Experience the perfect blend of fruity and complementary flavors with our Fruit Forward Coffee Subscription. This subscription offers two single origin coffees, expertly roasted to perfection, and both are bursting with fruity notes that are sure to delight.

The first coffee in this subscription is sourced from Colombia, produced by Forest Coffee. Forest Coffee is dedicated to innovation, constantly experimenting with new coffee processes to create unique and exotic flavor profiles. They work closely with their farmers to share their knowledge and ensure that the green coffee produced is of the highest quality.

The second coffee in this subscription comes from Ethiopia and is produced by Sakicha Smallholders. Sakicha Smallholders is a company known for sourcing, producing, and exporting single origin coffee products from premier coffee producing regions. They own and operate washing stations in all of the top regions, including Guji, Harrar, Jimma, Lekemti, Limmu, Sidama, and Yirgacheffe. They are synonymous with Guji Coffee, which is known for its exceptional quality.

The Fruit Forward combination of these two coffees offers a flavor profile that is sure to impress. You can expect notes of Jasmine, Pineapple, and Blackberries, along with Dark Chocolate, Tropical Fruits, Cherries, and Guava. Subscribe now to experience the exceptional taste of our Fruit Forward Coffee Subscription.