Guji Oromia - Ethiopia

Guji Oromia - Ethiopia

Filter Roast 8 oz. | 226g
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Whole Beans - Precision Roasted Speciality Coffee.

Tasting Notes

Raspberry, Blackberry, Pineapple, Floral, Apricot & Milk Chocolate.

Roast Level

Coffee Roast Level


Coffee Roast Level


Elevation: 2,100 m
Variety: Heirloom
Process Type: Natural Semi Anaerobic
Producer: Bernabas Berhanu                         

About this Specialty Coffee

Oromia is a small village at the boundary of Hambela Wamena and Kochere, two prominent coffee-growing areas in Ethiopia's Gedeo Zone. Gedeo, named after the indigenous Gedeo people, is a tiny swath of highland plateau densely populated by astute farmers and fiercely competitive processors whose coffee is renowned around the world as "Yirgacheffe," after the zone's most famous district and center town.

For washed process, after red cherries gets pulped with the help of water during night time then it gets dumps out into large vats where it ferments for 48 hours. Then gets dried in the sun on so called African Drying Beds for approximately 18-21 days. In the day time the cherries needs to be raked permanently in order to ensure a consistent drying process. It will be covered from 12pm to 3pm in order to protect from hot sun as well as when the night comes, the beds are carefully covered to protect it from rain fall.