Rich & Sweet

Rich & Sweet

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  • Bounty 8oz — Fazenda Vinhal, Brazil
  • Daterra Blossom 8oz — Daterra Coffee, Brazil

Rich & Sweet Specialty Subscription

The Rich and Sweet Specialty Subscription offers a complementary blend of experiences, explore notes of Coconut, Strawberry Milk, Orange, Brown Sugar, Floral, Plum, and Caramel, all coming together in a super syrupy mouthfeel. The beans in this subscription both come from Brazil, Fazenda Vinhal in particular is situated in the Cerrado Mineiro Region, which is the first designation of origin for coffee in Brazil.

Fazenda Vinhal is passionate about sustainable farming practices and quality control. Their coffee is certified by Rainforest Alliance, 4C, and Certifica Minas, guaranteeing responsible sourcing and production methods. They take pride in the awards they have achieved in some of the most important coffee quality competitions in Brazil.

Daterra Coffee is a producer that challenges themselves and their lands to produce coffees that go beyond the norm. They have a deep relationship with the soil, water, wildlife, nature, and people. Their coffee is sustainably produced using innovative and artisanal techniques.

Experience the exceptional taste of two single origin coffees, expertly roasted to perfection. Subscribe now to the Rich and Sweet Specialty Subscription and enjoy the unique flavor profiles of these premium Brazilian beans.