Project Origin




Project Origin and The Espresso Lab have been collaborating since 2015, right from the start when we established UAE’s first specialty coffee house. Based out of Canberra - Australia they specialize in sourcing specialty green beans. Their main area of focus is sourcing these beans from hundreds of producers who span across ten countries. The company prides itself on its commitment towards community, development, and enhancing sustainability. Project Origin works in close collaboration with farmers, exporters, and cooperatives.

Paying almost 2 to 4 times the average commodity coffee price, the company eliminates the need for middlemen. Sourcing its coffee directly from farmers allows the company to provide an increased selling price to the farmers.

The company is keenly focused on three attributes which are namely Community, Sustainability, and Quality. They give paramount importance to quality and strive to create a sustainable working relationship between themselves, the farmers, and the sellers. Networking, mutual inspiration, and education are the area in which the company proudly represents the interests of the community. Philanthropy work is constantly undertaken at Project Origin to improve the standards of living for people residing in Colombia, India, and the other countries where it operates.