Why we use Ceramics

Ceramics have existed since ancient times, going as far back as 26,000 years ago. It was invented and used by humankind at a time where environmentally harmful chemicals were not discovered yet, making it intrinsically nature-friendly.

Its remarkable properties were inherited from the earth itself, giving it highly prized qualities that would be hard to live without, such as its durability, non-toxicity, and non-reactiveness. When it comes to specialty coffee, those qualities play a very important role:

  • Allows beverage flavor, aroma, and temperature to be maintained at optimal levels - whether hot or cold.
  • Easy to clean and sanitize.
  • Non-porous and non-absorbing, with zero retention ensuring flavors are eliminated when going from beverage to beverage.
  • Intrinsically environmentally friendly and naturally preserves the planet because of its sustainability aspects and its long usage cycle.

It is for those reasons we always use ceramics for serving our specialty coffee and pastries, and even recently we collaborated with KALOKA Pottery to produce our latest line of ceramics which we use at all of our locations.

We strongly believe in promoting sustainability and preserving the environment, and we make every effort to put those beliefs at the forefront of everything we do. To that end, we looked for a way to enjoy the benefits of ceramics while on-the-go which is a particular challenge as they must be handled with care. It was a challenge that we easily overcame with innovation from frank green.

Their beautifully designed reusable ceramic cups provide the ultimate reusable cup experience, which we've covered in more detail on our products page - click here to view.