The Barista Dance

Brew Like A Champion


It is my absolute pleasure to share with you my favorite coffee brewing methods with this guide so that everyone can enjoy the ultimate specialty experience by their own hands.

I hope together we can motivate coffee lovers towards the finest and most precise specialty coffee brewing techniques, just like how my grandmother inspired me to strive towards perfection with every cup.

Enjoy these techniques with the freshest single-origin beans you can get your hands on.

By @almallouh

Things you'll need

  • The Freshest Specialty Coffee Beans
  • Brewing Device (V60, Aeropress, French Press, or Chemex)
  • Spoon to mix and stir
  • Coffee Grinder
  • Hot Water Kettle
  • Gram Scale (or use 1Tbsp = 15g coffee as your guide)
  • Timer

V-60 Pour-Over

Ratio: 1:15
Coffee: 20 g (~1.6 Tbsp)
Water: 300 ml
Grind Size: Medium
Yield: 1 Cup (~250ml)
  1. Pre-wet filter and discard water
  2. Add the ground coffee
  3. Begin Timer
  4. Slowly pour 40 ml of hot water in circular motions
  5. Let it ‘bloom’ for 35 seconds
  6. Slowly pour the remaining water in small circular motions
  7. Target Brew Time: 2:10


Ratio: 1:15
Coffee: 20 g (~1.6 Tbsp)
Water: 300 ml
Grind Size: Fine
Yield: 1 Cup (~250ml)
  1. Insert filter into cap and pre-wet
  2. Invert Aeropress
  3. Add the ground coffee
  4. Begin Timer
  5. Slowly pour 200 ml hot water
  6. Stir and let it ‘bloom’ for 30 seconds
  7. Secure cap on top
  8. At 3:00, flip Aeropress onto vessel & gently press down.
  9. Top it off with remaining water according to your desired strength