Course - Advanced Barista and Calibration

Course - Advanced Barista and Calibration

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In this Course you will gain necessary skill to feel confident working as a barista in a specialty coffee shop environment or a skilled home barista. You will learn how to properly operate an espresso machine, grinders and traditional coffee brewing equipment. In addition, you will learn how to steam milk, prepare all the classic espresso based drinks and to calibrate the taste then make their own recipe for each coffee. 

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The Barista skill taught in this course are absolutely vital for brewing consistently great tasting espresso and knowing how to troubleshoot off-tasting results.

  • What we'll cover

    Deep dive into specialty coffee covering brewing espresso is an art, we will go over all the fundamentals you need to understand to be able to brew the best espresso coffee by your own. Starting on how you dial your espresso grinder and learn about extraction. Distribution, Dosing, Tamping and Measuring every single fundamental variable while making an shot of espresso.

  • Duration

    12 hours in 3 Days Program.


  • Guided tour and introductions.
  • Specialty coffee insights and selection.
  • Mechanics, Workflow and Extraction.
  • Constructing an Espresso Shot.
  • Defect extraction tasting and troubleshooting.
  • Milk Texturing.
  • Mastering Espresso Based and Milk Based Drinks 
  • Machine Maintenance 


The Espresso Lab - Roastery, Al Quoz.