COURSE - Journey of Flavors

COURSE - Journey of Flavors

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The Journey of Flavors Course is a gateway to the world of specialty coffee. Our specialty tasting sessions are a great way to learn and explore the intricacies of coffee. In this course, you will also gain insights into quality coffee production and explore behind-the-scenes guided by our master baristas. Join us as we explore a cosmos of exquisite flavors and aromas.

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  • What we'll cover

    Deep dive into specialty coffee covering production, roasting, and its processes. The course is hands-on guided by our master roasters and graders and will take you through special tasting and cupping sessions.

  • Duration

    2 Hours 30 minutes.


  • Guided tour and introductions.
  • Seed To Cup — full cycle from plantation to final cup.
  • Specialty coffee insights and selection.
  • Tasting and cupping sessions — Experience the Cupping Room following official Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) protocols.


The Espresso Lab - Roastery, Al Quoz.