COURSE - Mastering The Sensory

COURSE - Mastering The Sensory

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Mastering The Sensory is a gateway to the world of specialty coffee. Learn to apply core concepts of sensory science to analyse differences in aromas, taste and tactile in coffee. Students explore various tasting methods including triangulation and others while they begin calibration with the other cupper using the SCA cupping form and Explore the essential requirement for developing their own sensory program.;

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  • What we'll cover

    Deep dive into specialty coffee covering production, roasting, and its processes. The course is hands-on guided by our master roasters and graders and will take you through special tasting and cupping sessions.

  • Duration

    8 Hours in 2 days.


  • Guided tour and introductions.
  • Flavour Understanding with guidance of FlavourAct.
  • Basic Taste Understanding.
  • Sense of Taste & Smell with guidance Le Nez Du / Scentone
  • Solubility of Key Taste Component.
  • Organic Acid.
  • Introduction into Cupping with SCA Protocols.
  • Tasting and cupping sessions Experience the Cupping Room following official Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) protocols.


The Espresso Lab - Roastery, Al Quoz.